28 Feb Book Interview: Emotional Core Therapy by Robert A. Moylan, LCPC

Would you like to live life happy and eliminate the negative emotions that
have impacted your sense of well being and overall life? Well now you can!
“Emotional Core Therapy” by Robert A. Moylan, LCPC, provides valuable
information and tools on what you can do reduce and even eliminate negative
feelings such as anger, hurt, anxiety, depression and fear. I have interviewed
Robert A. Moylan on his life transforming book.

Tell me a little bit about yourself.

I was born and raised on the west side of Chicago. I am one of 13 children
who were raised by a single mom after my father passed away in a fire at the age
of 46 years old. As a child, I used sports and studying as a way to combat the
dangers and temptations of urban life. I left home at an early age (14 years
old) to attend prep school at Lake Forest Academy and then attended college at
Northwestern University. I attended both schools on financial aid and

Being away from home was at times difficult. So I had an early baptism into
the world of emotional pain, so to speak. Growing up on the streets of Chicago
was very lonely and hurtful at times. I often compare my early life to the
character Nell that was portrayed by Jodie Foster. That movie was about a girl
growing up in the wild. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I was able to
enjoy being around diverse, educated people and learned a great deal about life
from those two schools. I studied economics and secondary teaching at
Northwestern. I found my passion in helping others.

What made you decide to write Emotional Core Therapy?

The reason I wrote Emotional Core Therapy is I have seen too much needless
suffering and wanted to do something about it. Writing a book was the best way,
I can let the world know that debilitating feelings of anxiety, depression, and
anger are very treatable. I have seen too many humans suffer because they were
not taught how to properly love themselves and self soothe themselves. My book
works from the reader’s perspective and world view. I also have a book coming
out for teens in August called, “Emotional Core Therapy for Adolescents”.


What is Emotional Core Therapy about?

My book uses five easy steps to treat emotional issues. I want all people to
live lives of vitality and vigor. Learning to properly release feelings and
learn from them can be an empowering process. My book highlights the root cause
of emotional or psychic problems. Emotional issues are often caused by entering
and leaving relationships. Relationships cause one
of the four authentic feelings ( joy, grief, fear, and relief.) to occur. My
book teaches people how to identify and release those toxic feelings that hurt
us day in and day out.

Who can benefit from reading Emotional Core Therapy?

Anyone can benefit from ECT as long as they put in the time and effort to
change their relationships. It is a process that takes time like anything of
real value. Feelings of fear and grief are going to enter our lives, whether we
like it or not. Why not be prepared? I use the analogy of rain, thunderstorms,
and hurricanes to describe psychic pain. We can never really know when bad
weather hits! Why not carry an umbrella? Why not know where the nearest shelter
is located? Emotional Core Therapy is about being protected when relationship
problems occur.

Where can someone buy the book Emotional Core Therapy?

Amazon.com has a preview of the book online. It is available for purchase
there as well as Barnesandnoble.com

Thank you Robert for doing the book interview on Emotional Core Therapy. For
more information on Robert Moylan or his work you can check out his website at

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