03 Dec Emotional Core Therapy and the Scientific Method

The Scientific Method.

The scientific method is a process for creating models of the natural world that can be verified experimentally. The scientific method requires making observations, recording data, and analyzing data in a form that can be duplicated by other scientists.


1). Observation made both visually and with scientific equipment

Stress occurs on the mind and body. There exists a cause and effect relationship with stress. Often times this stress can be uncomfortable for humans.

2) Formulation of a hypothesis to explain the hypothesis in the form of a causal mechanism/method/approach

Although many psychology methods (REBT, CBT,ACT,DBT, etc.)  , Religious approaches (Buddhism, 12 steps, etc.), educational programs (smart recovery) have attempted to fully and completely explain via a model, and how this cause and effect relationship with stress occurs. Up until this point in time, we have not had a model in the world that can successfully depict how this stress occurs each and every time. To their credit, many of these methods partially work and have contributed greatly to humanity. With the invention/discovery of Emotional Core Therapy (ECT) we now have a Psychology method that accurately can depict this causal relationship between stress and humans through Bob Moylan’s Eight Step Emotional Core Therapy Flowchart. ECT does share and borrow many psychological techniques from the aforementioned approaches. 

3) Test the hypothesis

Once you can learn and apply the eight step ECT Flowchart to your own lives, you can gain the confidence that you can weather almost any future relationship stress.

Once you can learn and apply the eight step ECT Flowchart to your own lives, you can gain the confidence that you can weather almost any future relationship stress.

The Eight Step flowchart has been tested thousands of times by Mr. Moylan and others and works accurately and completely to depict the situational stress affecting humans. The ECT process has never been disproven and is currently the only model in the world capable of depicting how the natural state of stress occurs at this time. Anyone can test the model, click here to view in detail.

A one hour training video and chapters of his book, and much more literature about ECT available on this site, offer further explanation and description of Emotional Core Therapy. 


This press release also has the latest ECT media links.  

New Spiritual Book Demonstrates The Most Effective Psychology Approach Available Worldwide To Treat Psychological Stress

Oct. 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Counselor Robert A. Moylan, LCPC has discovered, through 20 years of psychology research, the simplest and most effective behavioral psychology approach currently available in the world to treat most relationship/psychological stress, including eating disorders, addictions, depression, anxiety, anger, trauma, marital discord, sports psychology and personality disorders.


4) Establish a theory based on repeated verification of the results

Billions of people suffer relationship stress can be helped by Emotional Core Therapy. Every effort needs to be made to ensure people suffering from stress have access to this model. Every effort needs to be made to educate the human population on the ECT process as all humans suffer stress from time to time. Because of the inclusiveness of Emotional Core Therapy, many effective psychology techniques that have been demonstrated to release stress can be incorporated into ECT. It takes time and will to learn and apply ECT. Behavioral psychology, including ECT has some limitations, which are addressed in Mr. Moylan’s work. Some of the requirements to effectively learn ECT are a level of cognition generally at or above a high school level. Also, those with long term physical or psychological damage may not be able to utilize all steps effectively. ECT can incorporate any psychology or religious method that can successfully release emotions. The following approaches are some of the many techniques that have been shown to successfully release emotions. Gestalt Therapy, psychodrama, art therapy, music therapy, hypnosis, EMDR, biofeedback, pet therapy, journaling, Mindfulness, some aspects of prayer, yoga, verbalization of emotions, etc., as part of the eight step process. View wiki for detailed explanations of these techniques. Humans release stress in many ways and it is critically important to work from a person’s worldview and utilize techniques that may be familiar to them.

Grab your copy of ECT today (click here) and start living a life of true inner peace and spiritual happiness. A new year is about to begin, why not work on a new “you”; a happier you!

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