Read FULL publications of Robert A. Moylan's books on ECT

Read FULL publications of Robert A. Moylan's books on ECT

Interested in learning more about Emotional Core Therapy? The following Moylan books are available to read online. Check it out!

Teen Spirituality with Emotional Core Therapy, Robert Moylan

Teenagers live with a huge amount of stress on a daily basis.  See how ECT can be effective in helping teens gain peace and confidence in their lives with this new book, Teen Spirituality With Emotional Core Therapy. If you’re ready to finally love yourself to the core, to love yourself enough to care for yourself emotionally in ways that will improve your life forever, you’ll want to read this.  You’re in for a spiritual journey that will forever transform the quality of your being.

Want to free your mind from stress and discover inner peace? Psychotherapist Robert A. Moylan, LCPC, gives you his psychological self-help approach that teaches you how to make the most of every day you live. Compatible with any faith and equally as valuable if you are not religious, emotional core therapy (ECT) can guide you on your quest for tranquility. By focusing on the four true feelings of joy, grief, fear, and relief, ECT teaches you how to honor and learn from your emotions rather than run away from them.

Mastering the Psychology of Golf with Emotional Core Therapy

We often look to sports as a way to escape the frustrations of our lives, but as any golfer knows, your worries follow you onto the greens. Over the years, people have attempted to apply numerous psychological techniques to help golfers improve their mental game to varied levels of success. But now, with the easy-to-follow method of emotional core therapy (ECT), you can simply and effectively identify, process, and release the situational stress that is holding you back on and off the golf course.

Get your very own copy of one of Moylan's books on Emotional Core Therapy. Experience the value of living a life of peace through this groundbreaking process that is ECT.